CORE Physical Therapy Offices - Visalia, CA


Q: Do I need an MD referral to be seen?

A: Yes, if you want your insurance to pay for your treatment. Some people do pay cash, in which case you do not.


Q: Will my insurance cover Physical Therapy?

A: Our staff will get the benefits or authorization for all patients prior to treatment.


Q: How much will my portion cost?

A: Depending on your benefits, you may be required to pay a copay or percentage.


Q: How soon can I schedule an appointment?

A: We see patients the same day or next day of the referral.


Q: How long do the treatments last?

A: The treatments last 45 - 60 minutes per session.


Q: Do you see young people or older adults?

A: We treat individuals that have a musculoskeletal condition from ages 6 and 7 to the older adult.


Q: How is parking?

A: We have plenty of parking close to the building.


Q: How long do I have to wait in the waiting room?

A: Most patients are brought back immediately to start their therapy.